Covid19 free sms at all network

However we all knew the current situation of the world now concerned covid19 crisis and we have decided to launch 300 free sms for 40days to our noble customers at all network in Nigeria ” so we wish all network users to commit guilty  to enjoy our ongoing 300free sms at all network ‘mtn,Glo, Airtel,9mobile/etisalat, while at home’ it true that the whole of the spent days has being so bored & emptied but now is time to scare away loneliness by on how to be part of the 40days 300 free sms Read on :

                  *MTN to MTN*

(1)Dia *133*1 & the receiver number # send meaning  call me I love you

(2)*133*2* & the person’s number # send meaning  please send me a credit.

(3) Dia *133*4*& the persons number# send meaning  call me I need your assistance .

(4) *133*3* & the persons number meaning call me , I have a gift for you .


(1)Dia *226*& the persons number # send meaning please call me , thank you .

(2)Dia *26G*1* & the persons number # send meaning i love you 

(3)Dia *266*2*& the persons number #send meaning i landed safety .

(4) Dia *226*4* & the persons numbers # send meaning it is an emergency .


(1) Dia *140*8* & the persons numbers # send meaning Call me back.

(2) Dia *140*8* & the persons number # send meaning please send me credit.


Just type what’s on your mind & send to 1462 add with the receiver number# send : E.g i love you “08054444321 text to 1462.