Get free extra data bundles at all network 2021


Everly I know majority here are seeking on How to get free extra data bundle at all network : step forward let’s high light everyone on what to do’ so that you can be the luckiest person to testify the less recharge and get extra data bundle’ this subject is openily for everybody due to the  urgly complains peoples usually say concerning YouTube, Instagram,Snapchat, WhatsApp, Facebook, on how they have exhaust almost their yearly salaries on watching videos online or  whatsapp video calls, it weak and annoyed us each time we heard our stables customers crying out on such matters like this,and we here now  made this promise that after this lessonn non of us will pay for not to get but onemore thing please dear network users be smart enough to grab each step we have taken so far “because that’s the only way you can urge the opposition of been testifying . READ BELOW 


*For MTN users text to 131 and wait for a  seconds ” a message will be send to  you  saying thanks for joining this great package then they we ask you to dial *131#  to make an offer choice You will now select the offer you wish , that’s all    you’re free to watch videos, video call , chat, at all social media  with your free  extra data bundles


*For Airtel users  just *144# to make a choice    and you are  free to get extra data bundles.


*For glo user text to 127 or dia *127*55#  now    you can select a choice and free to win extra     data bundles.


* For etisalat/ 9mobile users text to *200# and       get ready to make a choice from the option       after that you can now receive your offer for       free extra data bundles.