How to receive triple call’s with your MTN sim 2021

Luckily to you all we have discovered a new topic that says how to receive a triple call’s with that your one sim on MTN : Guess what I know many minds here are now thinking deeper on how  this virtual idea works but nevertheless bring out your phones if you’re with it there’ if done , on it wait for the phone to wake all his window ,now go to  contact select any number of your wish dia it, now wait for the receiver to pick his calls ‘ ones he does that  press the on hold select option to dia the second number which the next person for call  . And like I said earlier as many you wish ‘ now you  will be told to link them up for conference calls and when do that the discussions will being now in with the connected numbers that’s all every simple and this method are more convenient for family, friend, or cooperative society to use when taking a call that includes more than one persons.


How to answer more than one call’s with your MTN sim 

We want to treat this topic in both side because many has being asking us questions’ like what of  the receiver can’t he answer more than one call with his mtn sim, and the expo to this question is yes now check out : just *43# and send now wait to receive from the first person ,if done tell another caller to connect his own call ,as an answerers  press (2) send immediately that’s mean you have paused the first caller not to be run out of credit and proceed on your call.